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8.13. Sexuality & Sexual Function

UAB provided sexuality video:

Sexuality & Sexual Function (59 minutes)
The first part of this video explores psychological aspects of sexuality such as expressing sexuality, sexual adjustment, managing personal care issues, confronting issues with body image issues, and working through relationship issues.The second part explores physical aspects of sex following SCI for both men and women. This includes arousal, sexual function and dysfunction, sexual activities, and fertility 106 mb download or watch on streaming real media.

Is there sex after spinal cord injury? Kelly Arbor of Babeland discusses how sexuality and intimacy are available to everyone, regardless of disability.
Presented on February 10, 2009, at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Conversations from the Bedroom: Sex after Spinal Cord InjuryTwo men and one woman with spinal cord injuries discuss their experiences with sex and intimacy.
Presented on May 10, 2011, at the University of Washington Medical Center.

How-To SCI Sex Position Videos
a 7-minute video, with Dr.Mitch Tepper one of the best sexologists in the world specializing in the sexual health of the disabled. And the reason Dr. Tepper is so great he's disabled himself. A quad since a diving accident in 1982 when he was a lifeguard, Dr. Tepper really cares about the subject of sex. He also covers Tantric sex and talking to your partner openly. And don't worry watching these videos is a PG-13 affair. All of the participants in each video are clothed, and the topics are shown a very straight-forward way.

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